Artist, Fangirl, Inked, Pierced, Quirky, Anti-social, Gamer, Obsessive, Multilingual, Photographer, Insect enthusiast, Graphic artist.
Just about sums me up.

*sharing the love by returning each and every follow i get <3*

Rant time

I won’t mention names but someone reported a gif set I posted, first of all you posted one gif I posted a set from the anime, second of all you can’t claim rights to an anime, you didn’t create it, you aren’t the artist for it, thirdly that gif is on any major gif site I happen to have gotten it from giphy, take a chill pill, oh shit someone posted the same content as you so what? When you run an anime blog or any fandom blog there is a chance content will be reposted because it’s not original, unless you created it with your own two hands don’t go reported people for uploading content that can be found anywhere online, I never claim any rights to anything I post I just post because I enjoy what I watch,

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